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Circle One: Duck Goose Swan
Upland Gamebird  Turkey Sandhill Crane  Other




Mounting Instructions
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2. _____________ ____________ _____________________________
3. _____________ ____________ _____________________________
4. _____________ ____________ _____________________________
5. _____________ ____________ _____________________________
6. _____________ ____________ _____________________________
7. _____________ ____________ _____________________________
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Case Information:

Top Piece:


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X __________
Side Pieces:


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Style: _______________
Color/Stain: _______________
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Cost Breakdown: Basic Mounting Cost:  ____________ Panel Cost: _________
Trophy Plate:  ________ Glass Case:  ________________ Habitat:  _____________
Habitat Base:  ________ Habitat Base w/ Glass:  __________ Driftwood:  ___________
Total Amount:  _______ Deposit:  _______________________ Balance:  ____________

Habitat Instructions:






Wild About Fowl Terms:

Having no control over the specimen prior to it being received by us and in view of the many factors which have a very definite effect on the final result of dressing. These include; primeness, general condition of the specimen, climatic conditions, and chemical reactions, and most importantly, the lack of knowledge and facilities in the field by the sportsman. We cannot guarantee the results of any mounted specimen.

Also, we will not be responsible for loss due to freezer failure, power failure, theft from our premises, or any other loss beyond our control. A 50% (NON-REFUNDABLE) deposit will be placed on all specimens due to storage and skin preparation. The customer agrees to pay the balance and remove the trophy from our studio within fourteen (14) days after notification by us that the work has been completed. If the completed work is not picked up within that time, a storage fee of $1.00 per day, plus sales tax, will be added to the total balance.

In addition to the rights granted to us under the Artisan's Lien Law of the State of Alabama, we shall have the right to collect the balance of the account by action at law. The customer agrees that if the balance is collected by an attorney, by suit, or otherwise, he will pay all attorney's fees and cost of the collection. Failure to pick the trophy when ready, may result destruction of trophy in order to recover supplies, or the trophy will become property of Wild About Fowl. We are not responsible for frozen skins at the time of receipt.

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