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Price List for Mounted Pen-raised Waterfowl


Species:               (Drake or Hen) Prices (Each)
Black Duck $500.00
Canvasback $575.00
Gadwall N/A
Goldeneye (American) N/A
Goldeneye (Barrows) N/A
Merganser (Hooded) $650.00
Mallard $450.00
Mandarin $450.00
Pintail (Bahama) $550.00
Pintail (Northern) $550.00
Pochard (Rosybill) N/A
Redhead $550.00
Ringneck $550.00
Ruddy Duck $650.00
Scaup (Greater) N/A
Scaup (Lesser) N/A
Shoveler (Northern) $500.00
Teal (Blue Winged) $500.00
Teal (Brazilian) N/A
Teal (Cinnamon) $500.00
Teal (Green Winged) $500.00
Teal (Ring) $500.00
Tree Duck (Fulvous) $500.00
Tree Duck (White Face) $500.00
Tufted Duck $600.00
Widgeon (American) $600.00
Widgeon (Chiloe) N/A
Widgeon (European) N/A
Wood Duck $475.00
 Other Species & Prices available upon Request! All birds come with a U. S. Fish & Wildlife Permit (Form 3-186) "Waterfowl Sale & Disposal Permit". All birds are captive reared/pen-raised! The above price list represents "Mounted Pen-Raised Waterfowl",  mounted in any pose on Texas Cedar driftwood, and the mounting fee. 

Any habitat/scenery work, display work, or cases are extra. Priced per piece!

We require the total amount paid in advance before any work is done.

(Prices are subject to change without notification!)

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