Price List for Wild About Fowl

We are a U.S.D.A. approved Port of Entry Processing Facility....

Ducks: $350.00
Sea Ducks: Scoters & Common Mergansers $400.00
Eiders - King & Common $450.00
Small - (Ross, Cacklers, & Richardsons) $450.00
Medium - (Snows, Blues, & Specks) $500.00
Large - (Canadas, Emporer, ETC.) $750.00
Upland Gamebirds: (Walking, Standing, or Flying)  (Add $125.00 for Displaying, Drumming, or Strutting) $350.00

The above price list represents "Taxidermy Fees/Charges" for specimens furnished by you, mounted in any pose on driftwood.

Any habitat/scenery work, display work, or cases are extra. Priced per piece!

A 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required before any work is done.

The balance will be paid upon pick up or delivery.

(Prices are subject to change without notification!)

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